Social Media Marketing Map Used For Ad Agency’s New Business

Sam Decker, Decker Marketing, recently shared on Twitter this great example of an agency’s self promotion using social media.

Overdrive Interactive has created a Social Media Marketing Map as a way to promote their agency as well as educate marketers on the power of social media. The agency is offering the map as a free download. The map becomes viral by encouraging site visitors to download and share it with their friends, colleagues and clients. Visitors can email it as a PDF attachment, bookmark it or  post it on their blogs or websites. There are also convenient buttons to post the map to facebook, digg, delicious and/or twitter. All the agency asks in return is to provide a link back to their map page. 



Overdrive Interactive’s 2009 Social Media Map is available for download by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you for the post about the map – I could not have stated your description any better myself!

    Harry Gold
    CEO, Overdrive Interactive

  2. Harry,

    Your agency came up with a great idea. I know of at least three other blogs that have provided a link to your Social Media Marketing Map. I wish you lots of traffic and buzz from it. Hope 2009 is a great year for your agency.

  3. Great resource – just an fyi, it open perfectly in acrobat, but on the MAC using preview it shows the B2B are and the tools are overlapped with white boxes.

    Thanks for the time and effort it took to produce this, great work

  4. If the top 10 sites account for 95% of your target traffic, do you really want a majority of your time on the remaining 5%? Less is more.

  5. Thanks for sharing the social media marketing map. I look forward to hearing more of your insights.
    Jenni (@gurnage)

  6. Interesting. The information in here, and the means they deliver it, prove they’ve done their research before diving in. Well done!

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