Ad Agency CEOs Should Use Twitter

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I do understand the time pressures and information overload of small-to midsize ad agency CEOs. That said, your use of Twitter makes sense.

Web strategist and social media consultant, Karen OBrien posted an article CEOs Who Twitter which provides the outline and inspiration for this post.

Benefits to Ad Agency CEO’s to use Twitter:

  1. Brand Building: ability to raise your own visibility and build awareness of your agency’s brand. Twitter allows you to communicate your agency’s culture and personality.
  2. Networking Tool: Twitter is networking on steroids. You will be amazed at how rapidly you can network and how these connections provide viable new business leads for your agency. Many times these connections are with company decision makers. You have direct access to them.
  3. Focus Group: Twitter provides for instant feedback to your posts, questions you may have, stats, opinions, you name it.
  4. Monitoring: conversations that are going to take place about your agency with or without you. You should help to lead and direct those conversations. There are many Twitter tools that allow for the monitoring of your agency’s brand as well as your personal brand.
  5. Generate online traffic: Within months of using Twitter it quickly became the second leading traffic generator for my blog and a large network of followers and own brand evangelists.
  6. Humanizing your communications: Twitter shows the human side of your business. It gives your agency personality. People want to work with people that they know, like and trust.

Bottom line, Twitter is an excellent agency new business tool. Agency principals need to be out front as the face of their agencies. 

Using Twitter for Ad Agencies:


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