The Second of Five Ways to Promote Your Agency Using Social Media

2.  Participate! Join the conversation.

I’ve heard agency principals say that they have better things to do than write blog posts and update their status on Facebook.  In the little picture of daily demands, this may be true, but in the bigger picture of using these tools to truly understand an emerging medium they don’t.

You can attend conferences and training sessions regarding social media all day long, but the only way to truly learn it is to experience it for yourself, and learn along with everyone else trying to stay ahead of the communication’s technology curve.

Again, I believe the best way  to learn social media is to use it to promote your own agency. It is a different means of communication and it must be done correctly for it to be effective.

Blogs and forums allow agencies to take off their professional mask and get comfortable with their potential clients. It provides a comfortable, informal voice for your agency.

Social media allows prospective clients to check under your hood, kick the tires, examine the interior and when they are ready, they will engage you.

Discover where your target audiences are online and join them there. Instead of waiting for our audiences to come to your Web site or blog,  join the conversation wherever it is—on users’ blogs, Web forums, FaceBook, MySpace or wikis. You’ll build relationships and trust.

Prospective clients want to work with people they know and people they trust.

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