Can Your Agency Define Social Media?

I’ve recommended social media tools for agency new business. There are still a number of agencies and PR firms that haven’t quite figured out what social media is much less utilize it to generate new business leads. Mark Hopkins provides helpful insight in his recent Mashable blog post Just What is Social Media Exactly?

“When you look at it in context of the terms “new media”, “old media” and “social media”, there’s some implied context. The media part of that doesn’t refer to the message, but the methods by which that message is conveyed.

This means the newspaper, the television, and the radio when you’re talking about Old Media.  Moving forward into New Media, it starts with blogs and podcasts and authorship-centric tools like Twitter, YouTube and the other variants of online video and microblogging distribution.

Social Media is a term that encompasses the platforms of New Media, but also implies the inclusion of systems like FriendFeed, Facebook, and other things typically thought of as social networking.  The idea is that they are media platforms with social components and public communication channels.

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