Social Media, Conversations Take Place With or Without Your Agency

What you don’t know CAN hurt new business!

Many principles of small-to mid-size ad agencies or PR firms haven’t yet decided whether they should participate in Social Media. You need to know that conversations regarding your agency take place every day with or without you. These conversations can greatly curtail agency new business.

Below is a TweetBeep alert that I signed up for the key word “ad agency.” As you can tell from this alert it would be a good idea to monitor your agency’s brand along with the brands of your clients. Over the weekend, there was a groundswell against Motrin’s latest viral advertisement that was rejected by mothers in Twitter, spread to blogs, and YouTube.



Jeremiah Owyang provides 5 lessons learned from the Motrin Moms backlash:

  1. Always test your campaign with a small segment first
  2. Always have staff on hand to be prepared to respond during the weekend
  3. Don’t launch a campaign right before the weekend unless you’re prepared to respond
  4. The participants have the power, so participate
  5. For better or for worse, more influencers are talking about Motrin than ever before

Remember: Negative online comments such as these are timeless.

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