Press Release: Advertisers Can Find Room to Breath With Smaller Ad Agencies

Sigma Group a full-service advertising agency with 65 staff members, located in Ordell, NJ is using PR to attract new business.  They are being aggressing in an economic downturn and seizing the opportunity by challenging advertisers, who normally only work with large global and national agencies, to look give smaller agencies a look in 2009.

Shannon Morris, president of Sigma Group says, “You don’t have to sacrifice good, smart, strategic creative and media products by working with an agency our size. We are finding that larger brands who did not look at midsized agencies in the past are looking to make their dollars work harder and are turning to a more approachable midsized agency offering all of the same services … but perhaps less bells and whistles. A more ‘no-nonsense’ approach to well-executed media and marketing plans.”

Sigma Group reminds advertisers that the larger advertising agencies may offer big names, award-winning work, and departmentalized experts, they often come with inflexible, high price tags. Advertisers can find significant cost savings by choosing a more moderate moderate-sized agency.

Instead of press releases all about your agency, your latest hire, new business win, etc.m use them to speak to the benefit of your prospective client audiences.

Sigma Group provides a great example of using PR the right way.

Sigma Group’s press release: Tough Times = Smarter Choices, Find Room to Breather With Smaller Ad Agencies

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