25 Blog Post Ideas for Your Agency’s Blog

I’m often asked don’t you ever run out of ideas for blog posts? I did have struggles in the beginning but after time, 178+ posts later, I’ve found my rhythm. I have an additional 45 drafts that I’m currently working on. I never run out of ideas for posts.

What is the key?  To remember that your agency blog is about value to your target audience. It’s about them, not you or your agency. You write to provide answers to their marketing challenges and obstacles. Your blog becomes a resource and you become a trusted expert. Someone they come to know. Clients want to work with someone they no and trust.

If you are just starting an agency blog, I’ve put together 25 blog post ideas to help you get started.

  1. Make a list of the top ten blogs of importance to your target audience
  2. Be among the first to break industry news
  3. Provide information of industry seminars and conferences that would be of interest to your target group
  4. Conduct your own survey/poll and write a post about the results
  5. Provide your comments and links to industry articles that would be helpful to your target audience
  6. Develop an ongoing weekly posts of good thought provoking quotes
  7. Profile of industry leaders and influencers
  8. Provide a synopsis of research and industry reports and links to the full data
  9. Highlight new communication, web tools, how they work and what benefits they provide your target group
  10. Provide lists of  online resources for
  11. Challenge and tell why you disagree with high level personalities within the industry when you have a differing opinion
  12. Report from a conference, seminar or trade show
  13. Provide a podcasts of a taped interview with industry leaders
  14. Analyze the current climate in your target groups industry
  15. Be among the first to identify industry and business trends that will impact your audience
  16. Provide an analysis of big brand best practices and mistakes
  17. Identify bloggers of interest and post your recommendation for them as a resource
  18. Review books of interest that are a help to you and share with your readers
  19. Identify the most important marketing challenges facing your audience and provide solutions
  20. Check your analytics and provide a list of your top 10 blog posts for the month, quarter and year
  21. Engage your audience with a contest and the ability to cast their vote or share their opinion
  22. Invite an industry leader to write a guest post
  23. Discuss industry associations
  24. Provide a list of your favorite links
  25. Post about different marketing tips and tactics

While writing a post for a agency blog always consider this question: “Will this article be of use to your target audience?”

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  4. Appreciate the list and will pass it on to all our in-house bloggers!

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