5 Ways I Use Twitter to Help Ad Agency New Business


The amount of interest in Twitter continues to soar. But even with its popularity, a lot of agencies haven’t figured out how best to use it. My approach has been entirely from a new business perspective. I thought it might be helpful to share my approach and what I’m learning.

How I use Twitter:

  1. Traffic.  I use it to raise awareness and generate traffic to my blog, FUEL LINES. My analytics indicates that Twitter generates the most traffic to my blog.  This isn’t traffic-for-traffic sake, but highly targeted traffic. I’m able to do this by identifying my target audience in each repurposed post title. It might sound mundane but it works very similar to SEO.
  2. Resources. Twitter allows me both to share and glean resources that are pertinent to my consultancy. Valuable, fresh and the most current, cutting edge information for me and my readers. Examples: lmdupont @michaelgass great link! def. bookmarking for reference. chrisbrogan Great perspective on the NMS event. http://twurl.nl/tun4y8 . Would love your comments on his post. michaelgass Survey Finds Economy Impacts Ad Agency New Business Practices http://tinyurl.com/4kso3m
  3. Education. I’m also learning from the most  influential, and innovative minds in emerging new media as I develop my understanding and expertise in this arena. Examples: mpranikoff @michaelgass thanks for coming to the PR Newswire seminar this morning in Nashville. I hope you found it useful.
  4. Connections. 24/7 direct access with ad agencies around the world. Just this past week I’ve had conversations with agency principals from New Zealand, Australia, England and here in the states in cities such as Birmingham, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, Nashville, New York and St. Louis. Examples: Stalelife Hi Michael. I’ve been enjoying your blog articles recently. As a young agency, we should probably chat in person sometime!
  5. Community. This tool allows for the development of community. It’s not all business and here you get to know people personally. That adds another dimension to the conversations. ExampleThomRainer On the sidelines at Bryant-Denney Stadium. Bama players now joining us. Hey Saban- come see me!

Angela Mairer, educator, author and social media guru, shares her Twitter Engagement Formula, 70-20-10:

  • Share Resources (70) – Successful learning in the 21st Century is not what you know, but what you can share, so 70 % of my Twittertime is spent sharing others voices, opinions, and tools.
  • Collaborations (20) – 20% of my Tweets are directly responding, connecting, collaboration, and co-creating with like-minded Twitter colleagues. From these important tweets, lifelong professional and personal relationships have been forged.
  • Chit-Chat (10) 10% of my Twittertalk is “chit-chat-how’s-your-hat” stuff. It is in these “trivial” details shared about working out, favorite movies, politics, and life in general that I connect with others as a human being. These simple chit chats are what have allowed me to know that I am never alone, and there is support whenever, wherever, and however I need it!

Your Twitter Engagement Formula will, of course, be different, but I encourage you to create one. Engage with purpose and intention, and Twitter success will follow! Angela

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  1. Congrats Michael on making Jay Baer’s (Convince & Convert’s) Fab 5 bloggers.

    Cannot think of a more derserving guy!

  2. Michael-
    Glad you are a Twitter Convert. It is a truly an amazing learning and business community, if you know how to engage in the conversation. Thank you so much for sharing with your readers my Engagement Formula. The important point you make in your post and in all the advice from experts is engage with purpose. The tools are only as good as the user-right? Thanks so much for sharing the power of Twitter with your readers!

  3. Cool info..well said and keep up the awesome work you do!

  4. Thanks Tony!

  5. Great list.

    Also add: use Twitter for creative brainstorming!

  6. This is great. I just launched a twitter account for the agency where I work and these tips are putting me on the right track. Thanks Michael!


  7. You are welcome Seth. Glad you found them helpful.


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