Ron Hudson’s Top 50 Women in Social Media

85 percent of all brand purchases are made by women yet only 3 percent of advertising creative directors are women. That disparity apparently isn’t happening in the Social Marketing arena.

Ron Hudson, Immediate Influence Blog, has created a great list of the top 50 Women in Social Media. The determining factor was ranking, how much traffic their Website or blog generates. If you have additions you can add at the end of his post: 50 OF THE MOST POWERFUL AND INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN SOCIAL MEDIA

The top 10 women who made Ron’s list:

1. Ann Handley |
Rank 43,936 | Linking in 1,841

2. Michelle MacPhearson |
Rank 73,176 | Linking in 151

3. Liz Strauss |
Rank 73,704 | Linking in 1,332

4. Lynn Terry |
Rank 74,477 | Linking in 351

5. Justine Ezarik |
Rank: 82,875 | Linking in: 616

6. Shannon Hutton |
Rank: 83,378 | Linking in: 54

7. Maria Reyes-Mcdavis |
Rank 119,917 | Linking in 165

8. Amy Clark |
Rank: 127,367 | Linking in: 398

9. Deborah Micek |
Rank 127,859 | Linking in 109

10. Shama Hyder |
Rank: 128,441 | Linking in: 337

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  1. Wow – thank you, and considering I having been blogging very much at all in the last year (Twitter’s fault), I really thank you. 🙂

    One thing, would you be kind enough to change my url to Many thanks.

  2. Oh Lord, so much for late night type…that was supposed to be *have not been blogging*. Gah.

  3. Thank you so much for including me in your list. Social media has been a godsend for me both personally and professionally and if I can help someone else enjoy, learn, or profit from it, I’m honored.

  4. Some of the women on this list have been my “heroes” for a few years now. I am excited to read the blogs by the women I haven’t discovered yet! Thanks to @Ron_Hudson for putting the list together. Thanks to everyone that made nominations so that the rest of us could make new discoveries. And, Thanks Michael Gass for republishing the list on your blog.

  5. Kristie, I made the url change.

  6. Melody, you are very welcome. Ron did the work but I’m glad to help give his post more breadth. As a father of three daughters and two stepdaughters, I’m always glad to recognize contributions women are making to our society and to our industry.

  7. I was not aware of the stat you cited Michael tho it does not surprise me. I started a discussion way back when on Twitter about how it has single-handedly brought parity to the male-female balance of power in thought leadership and the social web.

    Thank you for adding to this conversation and getting our names out there! I am one of four daughters, BTW. 🙂

    It appears the commenters here fit into two social web subsets: those who manage google alerts and/or inbound links via their blog dashboard and those who practice blog etiquette.

    Aloha, Rox

  8. Rox,

    You are welcome. Thanks for your comments. Daughters are special! I hope we in the ad industry will get our act together. A lot of agencies are missing, not a niche, but the target, when it comes to women. There has to be a disconnect with our advertising when you see the disparity of women creative directors to men.


  9. I agree with Michael, women are significant powerhouses in social media, for whatever reason and the fact that Ron has taken the time to put together this list, is a great start 🙂 I’m honored to be connected to so many amazing, brilliant women on the list 🙂

  10. Michael, thanks so much for compiling this list. I’m honored to be included in such great company. It’s been a privilege to meet some of the other women personally — and to me, that’s one of the great benefits of social media. As my social networking connections grow, so does my personal network.

  11. I can’t take any credit for the list, Ron Hudson compiled this and did all the work. I’ve just tried to call attention to it and help propagate it. He came up with an excellent idea and I think it will continue to grow. Be sure and visit Ron’s post and share your comments with him. I’m sure he will appreciate it.

  12. Michael,

    Thank you for posting this list and supporting social media. As the oldest of 3 girls, my father has always taught us we can do anything we set our mind to.

    Just like I posted on my blog, it was a wonderful surprise to see my name and PearlyWrites on Ron’s list. I was going to it to congratulate all the amazing women and scrolling through was a pleasant surprise.

    Connecting through social media has been an amazing experience. I have formed partnerships with other women entrepreneurs and online friendships. Twitter is a very powerful tool!

    Congrats to all the women on the list and all the women who participate in social media. You ROCK!

    Make it a great day!

  13. Hi Michael
    I’ve been following you on Twitter – and tend to retweet a number of your posts. Like-minded!
    Thanks for this list – it’s great to gain more of an insight into the range of women in social media. I hope to make the list one day…!
    Best wishes

  14. I value the blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

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