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Locomotion Creative, Nashville, TN recently conducted an online survey. Their survey explored awareness and usage of social media — including social networking, Wikis, podcasts, e-mail and blogs — was sent to Locomotion Creative’s opt-in e-mail distribution list.


“While not a scientific study per se, the survey gives us a reasonable and reliable snapshot of attitudes held by business executives about the growing importance of social media,” said S.A. Habib, founder of Locomotion Creative, a marketing firm. “It reinforces the fact that companies must continue to give increasing emphasis to social media as part of their marketing plans.”

Survey respondents acknowledged the growing importance of social media and how it impacts the way companies do business and generate sales. 

The survey helps position Locomotion as being an expert and a leader in social media marketing to their key target audience. They engaged their target audience through participation in the survey and emailing the results to them. Locomotion was also able to gain publicity by launching a press release of the survey results through PRWeb which allowed for distribution:

  • On industry-specific Web sites and blogs
  • Premium placement for enhanced search results
  • Social bookmark links for increased Web 2.0 distribution
  • Downloadable PDF
  • PR trackbacks
  • Five industry categories
  • Three MSAs


Check out Locomotion’s press release and download a copy of their survey results



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