Using Video to Promote Your Ad Agency

Any small and midsize ad agency can use simple, inexpensive online videos for promotion. Videos build relationships and can be very persuasive. You can create individual videos that stand alone to post on your agency’s Website or blog.

Here are some different ways you can promote your agency with videos:

  • Film the production process
  • A behind the scenes look at a photo shoot or filming a commercial
  • Emphasize your agency’s quality and uniqueness
  • Introduce your staff
  • Demonstrate your agency’s processes
  • Articulate your agency’s mantra
  • Solve marketing problems
  • Profile your clients
  • Provide client testimonials

Nelson Creative, Atlanta, GA, provides a great example of utilizing video for agency promotion:

Additional Agency Videos:


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  1. When you create a video for your company don’t sell. Try and tell a story and give information.
    Fuel Lines does a great job of this on their website. They provide valuable information that readers are interested in coming back. So do that in a video.
    Here is a blog we wrote on how to create a story using video.

  2. Thanks Chris

  3. we’ve been successful pitching our small agency against larger ones in our market by using the vid below. it has allowed us to present our unique message in simple, yet engaging way.

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