Survey: How Companies are Using Social Media


Advertising agencies should be interested to learn how other companies are using Social Media. Not only for their clients interest but also for their agency’s new business practices utilizing Social Media.

Respondents to a recent McKinsey survey show widespread interest in user driven online services, peer-to-peer networking, blogs, podcasts, and online social networks. These companies say that new media communication technologies are strategic and that they plan to increase these investments.

  • More than three-fourths of executives who responded to a McKinsey survey say they plan to maintain or increase their investments in technology trends that encourage user collaboration, such as peer-to-peer networking, social networks, and Web services.
  • More than half say they are pleased with their past Internet investments, though some regret not boosting their own capabilities to exploit technology. More executives said they should have acted faster than slower.
  • Retailers, who consider their companies cautious investors in the past, are stepping up their pace today.
  • In a follow-up discussion, respondents describe how these innovations are creating a new way of bringing technology into businesses, one that is easier to implement and more flexible than traditional top-down approaches. They also offered insights into how and why their companies are using social media and where these technologies may offer a sustained competitive edge.

Read the entire McKinsey survey findings

There is a paradigm shift in the way agency new business is being acquired. Instead of pursuing prospective clients, it is now all about enlarging your agency’s online footprint, appealing differentiated from your competitors, leading with the benefits your agency brings to the marketing challenges of your best target audience.

How is your agency using social media for new business?

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  1. Michael –
    I was excited to see this data related to Web 2.0, especially because you noted that it was recent – but after deeper investigation I was disappointed to learn that your posting was based on the McKinsey survey performed in January 2007.

    While there are some fundamental truths that apply to marketers today, the environment has shifted so much even in the last six months that to me would prompt the need for a new survey or at least updated data.

    I’ll look for additional postings you might have on the subject but hope you’ll start noting the dates of your source info more specifically. Thanks.

  2. My apologies. This post is among the first that I had written and does have the date on it but for some reason, the WordPress template that I use, when someone clicks on a link to a post the date doesn’t appear. I repurpose my 300+ posts through a tool called Tweetlater. You’ve called attention to something that I’ll need to address and that is very much appreciated.

    I agree it’s time for new research and the playing field has definitely changed in the past six months and the subject needs revisiting.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  3. Thanks Michael. Yep, the tweetlater software was the culprit because your tweet last night gave me the impression that it was timely. I look forward to more info from you, especially the new material!

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