Using RSS Feeds = Saves Time

As an agency principal or new business director, if you haven’t discovered RSS, it’s time to learn. It may be a bit awkward at first but persevere and you will discover that it is great for organizing your online reading of blogs, news sites and even sports sites.

Using a RSS Feed Reader will save you lots of time. You’ll have all of your important online reading material in one central location. This tool automates your reading and allows you to quickly scan through your favorite site feeds for the articles that are of interest. You wont have to go from blog to blog, website to website and waste lots of time clicking through to irrelevant material.

Take control of your online reading and give an RSS Feed Reader a try.

Here is a simple beginners guide to RSS, “What is RSS and How to Use It”

I happen to use Google Reader but there are many choices (an example of my GoogleReader is found below).


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