It is a New Day for Advertising and for Small-to Midsize Ad Agencies


There has never been a greater opportunity for the small and medium size advertising agencies as now. If you dare to jump in, you may one day look back and be thankful for this recessionary period and the rise of new media.

Individuals and Small Groups are the New Influencers, Meet Three

Individuals and small groups of people now have the ability to move markets. They can arise seemingly out of no where, with no prior influence and not much money. that didn’t exist a few years ago, without lots of money or prior influence.

  1. Vincent Ferrari, 30 years old, a blogger, called AOL to cancel his service. He recorded a phone call with a rude AOL customer service representative who refused to grant Ferrari’s request, 21 times over a five-minute period.  Over 300,000 people attempt to download his clip from his blog site crashing it. The news spread and he was interviewed by the New York Times and the Today Show. The recorded clip has been played by millions of people and a huge embarrassment for the company. Listen here.
  2. is a home-grown website providing “goofy news.” It is now doing over 52 million page views a day, which is more than most nationally read newspapers. It has two full-time employees.
  3. Craig Newmark of is single-handedly killing the newspaper industry. They now have a grand total of 25 employees!

It is a new day for advertising and this can be the beginning of a great period of new growth for your agency.

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