How One Ad Agency is Engaging Social Networks

Phoenix, Arizona agency Park&Co recently asked their staff to produce their own short film (under 60 seconds) for a YouTube Film Festival. The films were premiered in a gala event (beer and fruit platter) on September 3 at the agency. Yesterday they posted all entries on their YouTube Channel.  The person or production team that receives the most views of their extremely short film in 30 days will win $1,000.

So they’re not only producers, but now online promoters using every form of social media to drive traffic to their views, and ultimately traffic to Park&Co.  This is a great example to Park&Co’s clients with first hand experience with new, rich media.

View the Park&Co YouTube Film Festival

Care to share how your agency is engaging in social networks?


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  1. Some of the techniques and tactics employed by the contestants/Park&Co employees so far to promote views of their films include:
    – Word of mouth
    – Personal email
    – Broadcast email
    – Personal blogs (see
    – Social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace)
    – Search marketing
    – Posting on related blogs

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