10 Ideas For Using Surveys to Promote Your Ad Agency


Conducting primary research can position you as a thought leader and enhance your agency’s new business opportunities.There are numerous online survey tools that allow you to easily capture great information from your prospective clients.

Finding the technology is simple (some popular providers are VerticalResponse, PollDaddyZoomerang.comand SurveyMonkey.com) but it’s how you use surveys to engage your clients and prospective clients and enhance marketing your agency that really counts.

Here are 10 ideas on ways to use surveys in to enhance the awareness and value of your agency to clients and prospective clients:

  1. Conduct quarterly “client satisfaction” surveys.
  2. Add relevant polls/surveys to your website, blog, social networks or email newsletters to learn more about your target audience and start a conversation.
  3. Use surveys to pre-qualify potential clients.
  4. Survey clients on where they think you add value (their perspective might be different from yours).
  5. Use internal surveys to capture ideas to improve productivity or staff satisfaction.
  6. Ask clients or prospects to tell you their biggest frustration or problem relating to your area of expertise. Use this info to develop a white paper based on the most common problems.
  7. Use surveys to capture ideas and strategies from a large number of people to collate into a “master” document.
  8. Create a short brief feedback survey and include the link in your email signature.
  9. Use surveys in your front-end marketing your agency to identify your target audience’s “hot buttons” so you can craft your  message in the right way for maximum impact.
  10. Survey your market and use the results as the basis of a press release and/or pre-eminence building tool.

According to this case study at Marketing Minds Research, they discovered that better research comes when research is polled online. Internet research tools also provide:

  • Faster responses
  • Less expense
  • Opportunity to interview lots of people affordably
  • Better client and prospective client insight
  • Better targeting
  • Better respondent selection
  • Ability to use multi media

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  2. dylanlaubscher says:

    Hi Michael , saw your tweets and loved them , thanks for sharing , will def keep in touch , regards Dylan

  3. Thanks Dylan. Very much appreciated.

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