Digital Agencies and Traditional Ad Agencies in a Race

Barkley VP, Jeff Fromm

Many digital agencies are adding advertising, branding and even public relations services. At the same time that traditional agencies are trying to grow their digital capabilities. The race is on. Whose going to win?

The whole advertising industry is in a flux. Forrester’s Research has referred to it as “the great race” as traditional agencies scramble to add digital capabilities and digital shops seek capabilities beyond being Web site and banner ad specialists.

“When you consider the fact that traditional budgets are getting slashed, that interactive budgets are expected to grow significantly in the next five years and that technology is becoming more and more integral to marketing.

We see digital becoming the backbone of marketing and technology becoming so vital that everyone needs digital capabilities. Everyone is coming from a different strength. Everyone is trying to add the other’s capabilities.

The market is now ready to take a big step to join, and in some cases even replace, traditional agencies in leading marketing strategy for top brands.” Sean Corocran, The Forrester Blog for Interactive Professionals

Interactive agencies may have an enormous opportunity but all agencies are adapting and will be competing more than ever.

The role of small-to mid-size ad agencies will continue to evolve. Is your agency ready?

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  1. It seems to me that traditional agencies (for the most part) will win this race. Mostly because of their deeper experience in strategic marketing methodologies and multiple disciplines. Many digital agencies started from a more tactical and executional form, later adopting strategic thought and planning. Also, only in recent years have these digital agencies begun hiring personnel with advertising and marketing experience.

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