Boston agency Modernista! is demonstrating that it gets social media

Thanks to my good friend, Scott Nelson, president of Nelson Creative who turned me on to this Boston agency, Modernista!  They have the most radical online presence of any advertising agency I have ever seen. You’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Modernista! was founded by Gary Koepke and Lance Jensen in January 2000, both from a marketing/advertising background, as a startup business. In October 2000, Modernista! was appointed the advertising agency responsible for the Hummer brand and remained associated with General Motors thereafter.

The company was appointed as the Cadillac brand agency in 2006. At that time, Modernista! had a portfolio that included a number of prestigious brands.

In March 2008, Modernista! gained some attention for a redesign of its own website, which now displayed the referring page (such as Google search results) all over again, but this time with a small navigation menu overlaid in the upper left corner. Other than basic information, the menu primarily directed visitors to information from other sites, including on Flickr and YouTube, so the effect could be described as going “siteless”.

This is certainly a radical format to traditional agencies. Not something you might want to try as a small to midsize agency. But, you do need to “demonstrate” that you also, get social media. It’s not enough to talk the talk your agency must walk the walk.


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