Not Every Ad Agency Should Have a Blog

Blogging is the rage these days but it isn’t for everybody and it’s not for every ad agency. Here are five reasons NOT to start an agency blog:

  1. Your target audience doesn’t read blogs. If you prospective clients aren’t the blog-reading type, the time and effort involved in starting and maintaing a blog might exceed the potential benefit.
  2. Your agency isn’t exactly tech-savvy. If technology just isn’t your agency’s thing, think twice before starting a blog. The learning curve may be to steep to make good business sense. I just wouldn’t let me clients and potential clients know.
  3. Your agency’s business model isn’t based on a uniqueness. If your ad agency offers services that really don’t differ all that much from those provided by your competitor agencies, there might not be much point in blogging.
  4. Your to agency is to busy. But when is life not busy at an ad agency. Your clients work may be more important than your own. 
  5. You’re a seller not a writer. You can easily describe your agency in a moments notice. You can clearly articulate how your agency is different without sounding just like all of the other ad agencies.

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Michael Gass, agency new business consultant, primarily to small and mid-size advertising agencies, utilizing both traditional and new media tools.


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  1. @Michael i like the concept but i have a slightly different slant on it.

    1) While your target audience may not all read blogs, prospective staff/investors will. The other point is that blog adds relevant content which will help people find you who just use Google.

    2) While the technology is a point, most agencies have either inhouse or a web developer then know who can setup wordpress. Its not that hard to make wordpress look great with a decent template.

    3) If their business model is the same as everyone else’s they might as well shut the doors now and use the blog to sell the company property.

    4) Your agency is too busy but everyone has 1-2 hours to do a post. No-one is that busy they can’t blog! Why not do a video blog 3-4mins and get someone else to help edit it.

    5) If your an agency that can’t write you need to rethink how you manage to stay afloat.

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