Blogging Statistics of Importance to Ad Agencies

Blogworld Expo recently released some blogging statistics that is of importance to ad agencies. Especially with client interest in Web 2.0. and social marketing.  

Source: Blogworld Expo


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Michael Gass, agency new business consultant, primarily to small and mid-size advertising agencies, utilizing both traditional and new media tools.

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Since 2007, he has been pioneering the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business.

He is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.


  1. HI Michael,

    Do you know what the UK stats are or where to find them? I only ask as I recenlty started my own blog after getting sick of reading forum posts on the death of cold calling so I thought I’d give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

  2. Anthony, Not offhand. I would have to search online for them.

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