Think Creatively to Build Your Agency’s Online Community

Brand agency, Neutron, has developed a creative way to build their online community of prospective clients by offering “Steal This Idea.”

Neutron’s viral program draws  executives and managers directly into their brand-building process. It gives these prospective clients an opportunity to learn how the agency thinks. Neutron also demonstrates a powerful unique market position for themselves as well as how they go about assisting their clients, building brands from the inside out.

“We regularly develop brand concepts and thinking tools that will help you zag, design, and innovate your way to the next business frontier.”

Do the same for your agency by challenging your creative staff to develop unique ways to promote your agency online.

Sign up for Steal This Idea, and get a new tool every month.

About Michael Gass

Consultant | Trainer | Author | Speaker

Since 2007, he has been pioneering the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business.

He is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.


  1. Great list ! However, when you click on “The 6 Naming Styles”, you get only a flash of the page and then are redirected to another website. Too bad. I would like to read this !

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