Ad Agency New Business Tool, “The List”

To begin a successful agency new business program one of the first steps is to identify your best target audience and build a data base of company information that would include a contact database.

I was recently reintroduced to the services of The List, having been a subscriber some years ago. I was so impressed by all of the new features that I’m now a new subscriber to their premium version.

Ad agency new business directors spend lots of time locating and pre-qualify prospective clients for their agency. The List is a service that provides up-to-date information on a wide range of industries.




You will find comprehensive, up-to-date, contact information. Useful detail such as direct dial numbers, email addresses, titles, personal notes, like an assistants name, is often provided. There are also bios, media spend and agency of record data.

It is worth the cost just for the email addresses to “seed” your agency’s email newsletter that will in turn help to initiate traffic to your agency’s blog or website.

Email and mailing list are easily assembled through a quick search and can be downloaded as an Excel or .cvs file. I’m already spending  more of my time executing tactics to win new business and far less time looking for the right contact information.

It would be worth your time to explore The List’s new features by  taking a tour yourself. If you like what you find, be sure and ask for a free trial period to try out the service.


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Since 2007, he has been pioneering the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business.

He is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.


  1. Michael,
    I will agree that The List is a usefull tool, especially for those prospecting large cap companies, but as an agency of 75 professionals in Sioux Falls, SD we often find our new business efforts focused on the surrounding states of MN, IA, ND and NE and I have found that The List has proven to hold out of date information or no information at all on mid-sized companies ($50 – $75mil).

    While I believe that this service is very helpful and continue our subscription, I am curious if anyone else has had the same experience.


  2. Thanks for your comments Eric. I recently subscribed again to The List after seeing some of their new features and seeing much better data following a trial subscription.

  3. Eric and Michael,

    As a list employee, I love getting feedback from our clients. Thanks for your comments. To answer your comments directly, we connect our big clients, or our smaller clients, to corporate marketers with healthy spending budgets.

    We confirm each contact every120 days. And our clients can make four 24 hour research requests a month—if you need a contact and we don’t have it, we’re going to get it for you the next day.

    As you pointed out, Eric, your market is going to be different than other markets. But we can still give you specialized attention. In fact, all clients are encouraged to contact their Account Managers to discuss maximizing their success with using The List.

    Give me a ring anytime and we can chat about specifics in your key market. My name is Chris and my direct number is (404) 564-2431.


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