Survey: Many clients to change advertising agencies this year

The Chief Marketing Officer Council’s recently released annual forecast survey predicts that, in 2008, many marketers will be changing their advertising agencies. This process comes as many marketers are changing their strategies to focus more on online activity.

A few of the survey’s key findings:

  • The survey found that 45 percent of marketers intend to change at least one of their advertising agencies this year.
  • Biggest complaints: lack of innovation, no value-added thinking, poor creative and/or poor quality.
  • The web is becoming a bigger area of focus. It is the top priority in terms of brand, customer engagement and insight.
  • The CMO survey found that half of the 825 respondents plan to increase overall spending, 37 percent expect spending to remain the same as last year and 13 percent expect their budgets to decrease.
  • Marketing 2.0 is rising in response to the backlash (and growing ineffectiveness) of traditional marketing techniques.

To download the Marketing Outlook 2008 Executive Summary (click)

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