When Selecting an Ad Agency, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Locomotion Creative Nashville, TN

For new business larger ad agencies are going to tout their “BIGNESS” as an advantage over the smaller agencies.

If small agencies don’t position themselves in the marketplace the larger agencies will do it for them. They will position smaller agencies as being a design shop, able only to handle project work and smaller accounts. They will say smaller agencies are lacking in strategic thinking and are creatively inferior.

But with a small ad agency, clients still receive big ideas and great creative. What they wont get is a big price tag, big egos and big bureaucracies. With the bigger agencies they often wont get the speed of service, account efficiencies and peace of mind that senior level persons are actually doing the work on their account.

Nashville’s Locomotion Creative, a creative boutique with some 14 employees, demonstrated that a small agency can be competitive with the big boys. At the 2008 Nashville ADDY Awards, they won the Best of Show, the Judges Choice Award, 3 Gold and 6 Silver ADDYs. Their President, S.A. Habib was honored with the ADDY’s Silver Medal Award and Art Director, Amy Ware, was named Art Director of the Year.

This is just one illustration of the many small agencies out there that can equal the larger agencies in the creative excellence they provide for their clients. So big isn’t necessarily better, but if you don’t have a positioning for your agency, your “larger” competitors have one for you. 

Click on the following link to read the complete Nashville Post article, Smaller agencies flex creative muscle at Nashville’s ADDY Awards

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