Ad Agency Uses Incentive for Email Opt-In List


Just because you have an agency eNewsletter opt-in form on your website doesn’t mean people are going to automatically sign-up.

You might need to incentivize your online audience to subscribe.

RedPepper, a fast growing ad agency in Nashville, offers an opportunity to win an iPod for those who subscribe to their Enewsletter The Seed.

The main point is that you will probably need some sort of incentive to get your visitors to give you their email addresses.

You can offer any number of free items as incentives to your visitor to opt in. You can offer free ebooks, free newsletters, free articles, free white paper download, a subscription to a free tips list, free reports, free trial offers, free information, a free ecourse or any other item that has a high perceived value but a low cost to yourself. You really can get creative when thinking on opt in incentives.

Some additional Opt-In tips Optimizing your subscription process in 7 steps

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