New Business Resolutions for Small Agency CEOs

New Years resolutions for ad agency new business

It’s a tradition on New Year’s Eve to announce your New Year’s resolutions.

A list of the things you are going to do better at in the new year. Below are a few suggested new business resolutions that will make this a brighter year for your agency:

  • Resolve to create an integrated New Business Action Plan for the year. Unbelievably, 62% of agencies don’t have a planned new business effort. Remember, this isn’t rocket science. All that you need is a 1-3 page plan that lists key target segments, strategies, timeline and ballpark budget. Having a plan will provide your agency with a focus and direction. Plan the work and work the plan. 
  • Resolve to identify your target audience. More emphasis with a specific new business segments raises your visibility to become the go to agency.
  • Resolve to hire PR help.  Even if you agency has PR capabilities you might want to hire an outside freelancer or PR firm. Agencies generally do a poor maintaining a consistent PR effort for themselves.
  • Resolve to update the agency website. Among businesses looking for new agencies, 93% go to the agency’s website first. Critically review your website. Make sure it presents your brand/positioning and brand character in a clear and compelling way.
  • Resolve to form a new business team and meet regularly to keep the process moving. The key to success is consistency.
  • Resolve to allow between 30 and 40% of your time for new business activities. You are, after all, the “new business ambassador” for your agency.
  • Resolve to stay the course. New business efforts are relational and take time to come to fruition.

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